Shirt Embroidering InfoKnights of Columbus Council 12315

POP-KFC-Shirt-1dIf you are a Knights of Columbus Council 12315 Member and you need to have a shirt embroidered with the Knights of Columbus logo and Prince of Peace 12315 on a shirt you can contact:

Martha and George Orbank (Barb Ruhls Parents)

They have the machine that can embroider our council number and KofC Logo on shirts.

It's best to give them a call and set up a time to drop off. Usually they can do it right away.

The Orbanks live on Grand Avenue they are the first house west of Pleviak School (they have a handicap ramp) right across from Walgreens (sorry I don't have street address for GPS) but you can get it from the Orbanks)



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